Life can be dangerous and serious injuries can occur in a matter of seconds.  Whether your injury was sustained in an automobile accident, a motorcycle accident, or in some other manner, you may be entitled to compensation.  At GaldysLaw, PLLC, we  can pursue an action on your behalf against the person who caused your injury.  If the action is successful, you are entitled to damages.  Your damages may include payment of your medical bills, pain and suffering, and wage loss that resulted from your injury .



The act of planning is addressing problems before they occur.  Yet, according to Forbes, more than half of all Americans do not have an estate plan or will.

With an effective estate plan, you can support your love ones in the future, with income and assets that you have now.  There are many different types of estate plans that can meet many different income levels.  Take time to set up an appointment with GaldysLaw, PLLC to talk about a plan that best fits your situation.



Do you have a serious medical condition that prevents you from working full-time?  You may be entitled to federal or state disability benefits.  The process for obtaining disability benefits can be lengthy and complex.  Meet with Stanton Galdys before you apply to eliminate unnecessary delays and begin gathering documents to support a positive finding of disability.



Have you recently lost a job?  Were you recently denied a promotion?  Does your employer treat you differently than other employees?  Are you the victim of workplace harassment?

As an employee, you are granted certain protections in the workplace.   These protections come in the form of federal and state labor laws.  If you believe you are being treated unfairly in the workplace, or are being discriminated against in the workplace, contact GaldysLaw, PLLC to have your potential claim reviewed by a licensed attorney.



Divorces are difficult and emotional for everyone involved.  Tensions can sometimes increase when children are involved.  As your advocate and counselor, I can keep a level head in a situation where you may have trouble doing so, and I will zealously defend your interests.  Contact GaldysLaw, PLLC today to set-up an appointment to discuss legal assistance with this sensitive situation.