A Client Centered Approach


noun ad·vo·cate \ˈad-və-kət, -ˌkāt\
one that argues the cause of another”
“one that defends or maintains a cause”
“one that supports or promotes the interests of another”

At GaldysLaw, PLLC, we advocate for you.  We argue, defend, and support your interests.

We believe in a client-centered approach.  We understand that behind each case is an individual who needs assistance with asserting and understanding their legal rights.

We offer a variety of legal services including representation with bodily injury claims, representation for divorce and child custody proceedings, representation for wrongfully terminated or discriminated employees, assistance with state and federal disability benefit approval, and estate planning.  Click here to learn more about the services GaldysLaw, PLLC provides.

If you have a legal question and want to talk to an attorney who listens, call Stanton Galdys at (616) 490-0656.